The importance of container tracking arises from the fact that the shipping process is full of uncertainty. 

Tracking your freight shipment through the various roads and hurdles on its approach to its final destination is a time-consuming process, but failing to devote the time and attention it requires could lead to many frustrating and costly predicaments. It’s a helpless feeling not knowing where an expected inbound freight is, and unforeseen setbacks could force your production line to shut down or cause your customers’ orders to be delayed. An unanticipated delay could harm your company relationships, and such ties can be hard to mend when there is so much competition.

Knowing when a package you ordered will arrive is helpful to you as a customer. For example, if the order is a last-minute present, it may be critical that it arrives on time and in perfect condition. It’s no less crucial that your freight shipment arrives on time, and keeping your finger on the pulse of your transportation network will result in a multitude of benefits.

Companies in the production and distribution industries are well aware of the importance of supply chain transparency and traceability. Maintaining clear visibility into the end-to-end supply chain operations requires knowing when products are ready for shipping and how they are carried from their production location to their delivery location. From the time the item begins its voyage to the time it is delivered at its final destination, a shipping container tracking system is useful in providing thorough knowledge. Container ship tracking systems track the shipment’s GPS location to maintain tabs on its whereabouts.

Loginno aims at bringing visibility and transparency in Logistics environment and streamline the operations across the supply chain. The aim is to provide global visibility of export and import containers, as well as comparative performance indicators for various Logistics Container Operators, so that users may make informed decisions.

Additionally, we provide an overarching solution that integrates data from agencies throughout the supply chain to deliver precise real-time information in a single window.

It is vital to have an online container tracking system for shipment management because of the following reasons:

1. To Ensure That Everything Is on Track

Only after shipping owners receive word that the container has arrived at its destination safely do they breathe a sigh of relief from the time the container leaves its point of origin. They remain concerned about the shipment’s whereabouts until it arrives at its destination because they don’t always have the necessary tool to confirm that it is following its specified journey path. A shipping container tracking system, on the other hand, removes the element of fear and provides shipment owners with actual proof of where their shipment is throughout its route.

2. To Get Real-time Progress Updates

A limited time frame exists in the supply chain of products such as food and beverages, within which the consignment must be delivered. If the shipping timetable is disrupted, whether due to traffic or natural disasters, it is critical that the cargo owner be kept informed of the delays and that the information is relayed to the party awaiting the shipment. Container ship tracking allows you to discover and locate roadblocks in your shipment’s path, as well as keep everyone updated on the shipment’s current status.

You will be able to provide precise estimations to your customers and provide personalised customer assistance as you communicate the progress of each shipment.

3. To Ensure Safety & Security for Valuable Cargo

Cargo security systems are designed to safeguard goods from theft, but they also protect containers from incoming things like bombs or drugs.

Even the tiniest mistake might result in cargo loss, theft, or damage. Needless to say, the financial damages incurred as a result of such accidents are unwelcome and can be avoided by utilising a container tracking system. It is feasible to better preserve the shipment’s safety and security by having tight control and monitoring over its journey.

4. To Maintain Critical Shipment Related Data

For certain businesses, collecting and maintaining all shipment-related data is critical. This could be for internal record-keeping or information sharing with clients and other stakeholders. Such companies should definitely use shipping container monitoring because it is a vital and reliable source of all relevant shipment data.

5. To Streamline Delivery Operations and Delight Customers

What makes customers happy? Delivery of the shipment on time and in good condition! One of the pillars of a good supply chain management system is a superior customer experience. By providing customers with the correct shipping information and tracking updates they’ll know that their business is both dependable and trustworthy, both of which are essential for customer retention. Order tracking also allows your customer support personnel to focus on more immediate issues.


Shipping container tracking is a difficult task, but if you’re willing to work through the challenges, you might be able to come up with a solution that matches your company’s specific needs. 

At Loginno, we’ve aim to help numerous logistics organisations build IoT tracking and monitoring systems for their supply chains.

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