Smart Shipping Containers

Giving a brain to the “dumb” containers

The Problem

Shipping container “blindness” is a $100B+ problem spread throughout the logistics chain. The gateway-related data arriving from shipping containers cannot facilitate modern logistics processes for cargo owners, shipping companies, ports, insurance, customs and homeland security. They are all blind and inefficient due to lack of sufficient IoT data from the global fleet of shipping containers.

Loginno’s Solution


More about Agam

AGAM is a stand-alone all-in-one tracker alarm, letting you know exactly where your container is or if it has been broken into. It is the world’s only affordable, invisible, stand-alone total protection solution for smart shipping containers. Every container requires between 2 and 4 container vents to cover holes intended for pressure equalization. Loginno’s AGAM hardware replaces such standard container vent.

Basic functionalities include:

  • Vibration analysis
  • Movement analysis
  • Location analysis
  • Temperature analysis
  • Humidity analysis
  • Intrusion detection from any of the 6 sides
  • Black box logger
  • Primary communication using cellular networks
  • Battery life of 10+ years using an advanced energy generation and storage mechanism
  • In development: scale-less measuring of container’s weight

How does OnSchedule Work?

Basic functionality of OnSchedule AI:

  • Comparison of real-time tracking/events data with the planned schedule
  • The simple dashboard of On-Time/Not On-Time deliveries
  • Task management option when unexpected issues occur
Loginno Founder Amit Aflalo

The technology is the only wide-area communications device with a battery life of 10-plus years without a recharge, making it a permanent solution for every shipping container, never to be taken off during its entire lifetime of usage.

Amit Aflalo, Loginno
Shachar Tal

The old-style containers used by shippers, trucks and cargo ships are “dumb,” not smart, but attaching internet-powered devices will allow better visibility and tracking.

Shachar Tal, Loginno


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