What was The Contopia™ Factor Competition?

The Contopia™ Factor was a competition, which was open for any shipping company with a fleet size of 150,000 containers or less. The winner of the competition, revealed June 6th 2019, is about to be propelled to the forefront of logistics innovation, receive glory and fame, and be the first shipping company to have its container fleet converted to 100% smart fleet. A model for Contopia™ to demonstrate and capitalize from its values together with our Contopia™ partners.

“We have a concrete project plan to demonstrate how Contopia could work for the entire logistics chain, and we would be honored if we could do it together.”

Shachar Tal, Co-founder of Loginno

What was the criteria to apply to The Contopia Factor?

To apply to be the first Contopia™ shipping company, applicants needed to be:

Contopia™ Factor Partners


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