Shipping containers have to go through several checkpoints before they reach their destination. This makes the manual tracking of cargo containers difficult. It is prone to errors and is time-consuming.

However, digitalisation has made shipping and supply chain services easier to book, manage and track online. It also has the potential to make shipping freight more efficient, secure and sustainable.

One such application is the container tracking system that provides the real-time location of the cargo using technologies like IoT and GPS.

What is GPS Container Tracking?

A smart container is a regular container made smart by equipping it with GPS tracking devices. These shipping container tracking devices are IoT-powered devices with built-in sensors that are attached to the container or placed in between the goods to be shipped.

GPS container tracking devices combine GPS and GSM tracking technologies to monitor the container movements throughout the shipping route. Such container trackers work reliably offline without the need for an internet connection.

They also retrieve data from satellite tracking to provide total coverage where GPS/ GSM tracking is not as reliable. For instance, during long ocean routes.

It is a real-time tracking system and is easy to set up and install. The container tracking devices are small, wireless, and battery-powered. They allow you to monitor the movement of your container from the moment it’s loaded to its unloading at the destination.

Another significant feature of GPS container tracking is shock detection and door status monitoring by sending timely alerts on unusual activity. They can determine who’s responsible for damage or theft and help to claim insurance money.

The information generated by the container tracking system can help to minimize risks and keep the supply chain functioning.

Advantages of Container Tracking Technology:

You simply have to install the container tracking device, login to your GPS container tracking software and you can follow the fleet in real-time from anywhere in the world. The container tracking system comes with the following benefits:

  • Ultra-sense GPS tracking provides real-time location of the shipping containers.
  • The container tracking system doesn’t require additional infrastructure. This makes deployment quite easy.
  • The precise location helps to set accurate schedules and ETAs for the end customers.
  • The container tracking devices offer up to 12 months of battery life.
  • The entry and exit at multiple ports can be predicted well in advance. This helps to unload perishable cargo quickly.
  • GPS Container Tracking helps in better risk management and helps to make sound decisions.

Smart Containers equipped with container tracking technology help to keep your freight at your fingertips. You can track, trace and share vessels’ real-time location with all the stakeholders.

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