Our offer to shipping companies

Your fleet of shipping containers is today an under-utilized asset. With a simple, one-time conversion, it could turn into a fleet of logistic data-miners, and you could greatly benefit from it! Loginno, together with its world-class partners, have an offer you cannot refuse. We are choosing shipping companies, and turning their entire container fleet smart. With a 100% IoT enabled container fleet, the selected shipping companies will be able to extract real-time data, unlocking countless logistics benefits, and propelling marine logistics into the Contopia™ age.

We are turning shipping companies truly digital.

Will the next one be yours?

Going digital allows to

Presenting the World’s First Digital Shipping Company

Contopia Labs

World’s First Smart Container Innovation Lab

Selected Current Use Cases

Contopia Labs is a world-unique innovation research facility launched by Loginno for smart containers to demonstrate the value that can be created through the smart containers involving data collection, analysis, and sharing of container data across the supply chain. This mechanism will benefit the entire intermodal logistics chain.

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Loginno Founder Amit Aflalo

It is a good balance. On one hand, we are contributing to the entire logistics chain, by opening our doors to innovative open-sourced academic research. On the other hand, we will be able to develop new products that stem from the insights obtained by Contopia labs, offering more accessible value to more stakeholders.

Amit Aflalo, Loginno
Shachar Tal

Contopia is a vision much larger than just making smart boxes. It is about changing the game and providing values to the entire intermodal logistics chain.

Shachar Tal, Loginno
Rami Pugatch

The value of real-time information in networks is a fascinating topic. Using innovative tools, such as mechanism design, we will demonstrate how this value, if shared properly, can benefit multiple players simultaneously.

Dr. Rami Pugatch, Contopia Labs


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