The Contopia Factor 3 Competition Has Begun!

What is the Contopia Factor 3?

  • A Competition Between the Governments of the World

    Which countries will lead the world’s smart container digital economy?

  • Eligible to Apply

    Any relevant governmental agency, or governmental partner owned or employed by the government, for example: An employee of the Ministry of Transportation, an advisor to the Ministry of Maritime, the head of the Department of Innovation within the Ministry of Infrastructure.

  • Winning Countries

    Will be chosen based on technological and needs fit, as well as suggested plans for promoting smart containers locally.

  • Up to One Million Containers

    Will receive the funding support of a Berne Union Export Credit Agency (ECA) to fast-track the winning projects.

Watch The Contopia Factor 3 Trailer Video

Loginno The Contopia Factor 3 Trailer

We are in! How do we win?

Winning countries will be selected
based on two criteria

Contopia Promotion

  • The local government is willing to go through considerable effort in order to promote smart containers

Contopia Facilitation

  • The suggested use cases and projects are an excellent fit and can benefit greatly from smart containers
  • The local logistics ecosystem is strong, able, and highly willing to execute a smart container roll-out

Competition Background

After two successful globally-impacting smart container initiatives, Loginno, a shipping IoT visionary, is gearing up for a third – our biggest yet.
The original Contopia Factor, a competition to select the world’s first live smart container sandbox, was held in 2019. The winner, a public Brazilian cabotage shipping company 3X-ed its valuation and was sold to MSC, currently the #1 biggest shipping company.
An under-the-RADAR Contopia Factor was held at 2021. The winner, a leading Indonesian shipping company, now experiences a major surge in customer acquisition and

service level, and most importantly: we have proven a strong positive RoI on fleet-wide smart container investments. Now it is time step it up with Contopia Factor 3, and this time we will be looking for governments who wish to step up their game and lead the global initiative of the smart container digital economy. It’s TCF3: Rise of the Nations!

About Loginno

Loginno is creating the world’s Internet-of-Shipping-Containers infrastructure, dubbed “Contopia” (Container Utopia, see below) by partnering with shipping companies to convert their entire container fleet to an IoT-enabled fleet, which mines cargo and voyage data, using a patented low-cost device. Information access is granted through a cloud-based service to carriers, cargo owners, freight forwarders, insurers, customs & other interested parties.

Frequently asked questions:

The competition is open to any relevant governmentally-owned entity or government representative, in the transportation, logistics, maritime, infrastructure, innovation, and other relevant areas. As long as you officially represent your government, and have the mandate to discuss on its behalf about smart container projects – you can apply!

The aim of the competition is to promote Contopia globally, so we are aiming for several winning countries, ideally in different regions of the globe. Still, it all very much depends on how strong each country’s score is in each of the criteria. If one country rises above the rest with a winning 1-million container use case – there may be a sole winner, or if several countries from the same region score the highest – they will win the competition.

We aim for a Christmas 2023 announcement. Depending on the level of engagement and the submitted projects, we will either announce a shortlist of countries for further discussion or clear winners with the winning projects attached.

The winners of The Contopia Factor 3 competition will be set up for ECA (Export Credit Agency) support, up to one million containers in total, which, together with governmental support, will fast-track the proposed smart container use cases.

Click on the “Apply” button at the top of the page, or click the link here. This will take you to a form you need to complete in order to submit your application.

We will get back to all applicants and have at least one session to better understand the local ecosystem, the proposed projects or use cases, and the steps the local government is willing to take in order to promote smart containers.

Not at all. The only thing needed by the winning governments is a declaration about their intent and commitment to promote smart containers and their proposed winning plans. After TCF3 ends, begins the real work of making the plans a reality.

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