Container Tracking Devices offer real-time visibility by tracking and protecting intermodal containers of all shapes and sizes. The location, movement alerts, theft detection, etc are offered by the GPS Containers Devices.

GPS container tracking systems are mostly self-contained. This means that they require additional infrastructure, making their deployment easy.

The battery-powered container tracking devices are a cost-effective way to manage critical assets at scale. They offer a trustworthy solution to your intermodal shipping container monitoring needs.

Loginno offers uniquely manufactured container tracking devices that can withstand the toughest weather conditions.

Our focus is to produce simple yet effective designs that complexity in device management and technical support. With industry-leading battery life powered by solar energy, our GPS container devices perform better, last longer, and require minimal maintenance once deployed.

Our Container Tracking Devices are equipped with the following features:

  • Global Connectivity: GPS tracking technology links with asset management software which automatically creates a visual presentation of all your cargo in one place. It saves time and increases the efficiency of business operations.
  • Long Battery Life: Over 10+ years of battery life powered by solar energy with built-in battery life management. The battery life indicators and alerts ensure that the GPS container tracking is seamless with an uninterrupted data supply.
  • Theft Recovery: Recovery Mode can be switched on in the case of theft or loss. It activates live tracking and ensures container retrieval.
  • Sensor Monitoring: Our container tracking device comes with an interface that has a range of sensors to detect variations in temperature, humidity, moisture, depth, etc.
  • Easy Installation: GPS Container Device can be installed as a standard container vent, allowing every container service depot to install it without any formal training.

Loginno’s flexible container tracking devices allow you to easily integrate GPS tracking for shipping containers into your current intermodal operations at scale.

They help to track the shipping containers and ensure they operate at peak performance without disruption or difficulty.