Shipping containers form the backbone of the world’s logistics and supply chain, but they remain an under-utilized asset until converted to smart containers.

The world’s smartest container technology is available through the AGAM brain, a device developed by Loginno, which can turn a conventional container into a smart container. It is capable of generating real-time data which provides accurate information to all the stakeholders across the chain.

The data generated through technologies like IoT and GPS in AGAM Smart Container brain can help to build cargo resilience and save operational costs for the shipping company.

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Smart Container Brain for shipping containers

GPS Tracking for Shipping Containers:

The AGAM smart container brain is designed with both liners and shippers in mind. It is currently the most fully-featured smart container conversion device with unique features like a container-vent retrofit, 6-sided intrusion detection, two-minute permanent installation, and compatibility with future technologies like Loginno’s SOLAS VGM on-container weighing.

AGAM devices can be installed as a standard container vent, allowing every container service depot to install it without any formal training, hence facilitating GPS Tracking for Shipping Containers.

AGAM is the only wide-area communication device with a battery life of ten-plus years without a recharge. Thus, serving effectively as a permanent solution for every shipping container, without the requirement of being taken off during its entire lifetime of usage.

Smart Container - OnSchedule Monitoring Screenshot

Make sure that everything is perfectly timed with OnSchedule Monitoring software:

OnSchedule Monitoring Software combines asset tracking and ship/plane tracking for seamless door-to-door visibility. It also creates value from real-time container security device data. The software takes charge of the shipping processes in real-time and eliminates shipping container blindness in the long term.

With the AGAM smart container brain, smart containers can help to create data-driven supply chains. This will make the shipping industry more sustainable as well as efficient.

As an extension to OnSchedule, Loginno has created an internal network of ‘Contopia partners’. These include innovative companies ranging from start-ups that possess cutting-edge technologies, and industry giants with global reach and influence. All are crucial in contributing to the success of the digital shipping company model, and all will be getting a front seat to this unique sandbox. With Loginno, they will be able to gain insights into how Contopia (Container Utopia) can change the world of logistics with its unique GPS Tracking for Shipping Containers.

Scale Up Period – Pricing for entire fleet- according to SLA

Evaluation Period – Pricing For Small Pilots

1-5 Brains

Billed Annually
$1.36 each per day
  • Lead time: 1 week

6-20 Brains

Billed Annually
$1.23 each per day
  • Lead time: 1 week

21-100 Brains

Billed Annually
$1.09 each per day
  • Lead time: 2 Months

101-1000 Brains

Billed Annually
$1 each per day
  • Lead time: 3 Months

Custom SLA

Contact Us for
1001 Brains or more
  • Lead time: 4 Months

* 1-year service guarantee. Optional service extension 99 USD per brain per year
** maximum 1 user per brain
*** Prices include 1 year of operation

Why choose Loginno?

Loginno offers a no-obligation, no minimum-order plan that allows you to experience the power of the AGAM smart container brain. It is suitable for small-scale usage, a pilot project, or a larger rollout.

The plan includes:

  • Patented AGAM Smart Container Brain, with a lifetime of 10 years
  • Service guarantee for 1 year, with a term extension option
  • Unlimited use of OnSchedule Monitoring software

Note: A brain for every shipping container plan is applicable only for the dry containers. Also, the plan does not include system integration or non-standard SLA or modification. All prices include FOB shipping.

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Smart Container Brain for shipping containers