The supply chain requirements across the shipping chain have changed over the years. Nowadays, the stakeholders in the logistics chain place more importance on the need for improved visibility. This helps them to identify the inbound flow of goods. It is required to fulfill higher demands and respond to any unexpected occurrences.

Smart containers unlock this potential by providing accurate real-time data. Smart devices are not restricted to reaching physical locations to report events. In fact, they are permanently fixed to the transport equipment and offer coverage for the whole journey.

The good news is that any container can become a Smart Container. Smart Container electronics can either be built-in during the manufacturing process or retrofitted to all types of existing containers. They can even be embedded within the contents of the container.

Tracking the devices together with interconnected sensors establishes the smart systems and tools for the international supply chains. The integrated information can then be utilized to actively monitor the service performance of the cargo.

The smart containers help to capture efficiencies and prevent delays by aggregating the data. Accurate capturing and analysis of the information generated lead to productivity gains.

This also helps the stakeholders to create fully transparent supply chains.

Logistic service providers such as handling operators, international freight forwarders, brokers, and fleet managers benefit from the smart containers by obtaining timelier. The accurate information transmitted by the Smart Containers as a result of compilation, analysis, and reporting from the host systems on the status of the consignments helps them to predict the arrival of the cargo at the port.

Moreover, sensors determining the internal and external ambiance of the container generate quick information about hazards or unanticipated events. This allows better risk mitigation to ensure the consignments are secure and in a safe condition.

The data generated by the fleet of smart containers can be utilized to optimize a wide range of operations within the shipping supply chain:

  • offers continuous door-to-door visibility worldwide
  • triggers contingency plans when needed
  • automatic data capture makes it error-free and fraud-resistant
  • information that would otherwise be impossible to capture can be easily collected and integrated further
  • shares important updates such as delivery timings with business partners and customers
  • generation of real-time data provides the system-held location and the actual condition of the cargo
  • helps to understand and predict when, where and why disruptions or delays can occur
  • reduces manual work, thereby cutting recurring operating costs
  • streamlines the overall decision-making process

As a result of the industry-wide digitalization strategy, global programs have been increasingly implemented to equip and upgrade traditional freight containers. The onboard tracking, monitoring capabilities, security devices, and other multiple-connected sensors are being installed to convert the standard fleet into a smart one.

The ability to track and monitor the shipment remotely helps one to plan meticulously. Thus, Loginno offers smart containers for all types of cargo.

We equip the traditional units with internet-connected devices that collect data such as position, temperature, and door opening in real-time. Not only does it save operational cost but also helps you to make the right decisions at the right moment.